What is TRISILON coating technology?

  • High Operating Temperatures. 1200 – 1800 deg. F. operating temperatures.
  • Low Temperature Cure… not to mention air dry options as well.
  • Thin-film technology means performance enhancements can be added without dimensional changes, thus no tolerance issues in product designs.
  • Excellent Covalent (chemical) Bonds to most surfaces means great adhesion; often penetrating as deep into the pores as it is lying on the surface.
  • Our covalent bond also means no need to mechanically etch the substrates being applied to other than to ensure it is properly cleaned. As a result in most cases; no media blast, no chemical etch.
    NOTE: Some silicone-based substrates can require a stronger cleaner, and an Adhesion promoter.
  • Non-stick properties with coefficient of friction equal to, and in some cases better than PTFE-based coatings.
  • Hard and durable; but if it wears down, if can be renewed by recoating over the existing base, and air dried or thermally cured.
  • Recoatability and Renewability. Recoat without any mechanical prep to the first coat… just clean with denatured alcohol, let dry and reapply another coat. Once dry and cured the non-stick finish will work as good as new.
  • Solvent based, but uses VOC-compliant solvents.
  • Makes temperature sensitive substrates able to have a non-stick coating applied to them… Takes non-stick where non-stick hasn’t been (before)! Think: Food Processors, Blenders, Paint Ball Goggles, Ski Boots to shed snow build-up, Glass Bakeware… ALL, can all now be given non-stick and easy clean capabilities!
  • Cost-effective! Thin-film, non-stick technology becomes a high-value, low cost addition to most product designs depending upon volumes and other circumstances.
  • SAFE! Trisilon technologies are food grade compliant, and depending upon which series of Trisilon, even acceptable for application for medical implants, tools and equipment. Trisilon is the only medical grade coating on the market with ZERO TOXICITY… once cured it is even considered bio-degradable.