Non-stick surfaces ultimately are susceptible to some level of scratching, marring, and general wear and tear which leaves the substrates unprotected and reduces its non-stick qualities. When this happens on most non-stick coatings, the only options are to replace the product, or remove the non-stick coating with a mechanical etch and re-apply a new one.

Dyna-Tek has created Trisilon “Maintenance Coat”; a compatible chemistry and coating that is one of the few things that will adhere to our Trisilon with no more surface preparation than to clean it with denatured alcohol, dry and apply Trisilon “Maintenance Coat” directly to the Trisilon.

The result is a rejuvenated and restored non-stick coating finish with equal non-stick and temperature resistance properties; although the “Maintenance Coat” may show a limited drop-off in durability vs. the TRISILON (base coat)… BUT, it too is re-coatable as well.

Trisilon “Maintenance Coat” is SAFE!

  • Formulated with food grade ingredients.
  • When dry, the coating is inert and biodegradable.
  • It has ZERO toxicity… no other non-stick coating on the market whether in food grade, medical (even implants) can claim this.

Applications for Trisilon “Maintenance Coat” include:

  • Cutlery and anything that “cuts”
  • Composite, Plastic, Rubber and other molds
  • Glass cookware
  • Consumer products such as Blenders, Toasters, etc.
  • Sporting equipment where low drag, and high release performance is sought such as Surf Boards, Ski boots to keep snow from adhering, Paintball goggles and gear, Firearms, Fishing and archery gear (check out our Shopping section.)

Trisilon “Maintenance Coat” empowers the consumer!

  • You now have the ability to extend the useful of products where the functional use of the product has been diminished because the non-stick coating has worn away. We have even shown the ability to extend the life of competing non-stick coatings on the market!
  • You don’t have to wait for the manufacturers to add non-stick to all products that could benefit from it. Starting in mid-July, we’ll be offering TOWELETTE VERSIONS FOR ANYONE TO BE ABLE TO MAKE PRODUCTS NON-STICK!