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Thank you for your interest in our Outdoor Sporting Good Products. The links below will take you directly to the store where you can buy our products. But first, we wanted to make you aware of the categories of products that we offer.

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DYNA-SLICK SHIELD™ has leveled the playing field in the archery market by making it possible to apply a slick finish on ANY arrow shaft; whether carbon fiber, aluminum or wood. Developed by Dyna-Tek, Dyna-Slick Shield™ is a patented, nano-ceramic clear coating that offers best combination of slickness and durability available in the archery industry. DYNA-SLICK SHIELD™ is a Do-It-Yourself, easy-to-apply, wipe-on, air-dry permanent coating. Each kit will coat up to 36 arrow shafts AND broadheads. When applied as a two-coat system (not required to get industry best results), DYNA-SLICK SHIELD™ and DYNA-SLICK™ the “POWER OF SLICK” can transforms your shooting results to another level.

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Dyna-Tek Bore Coat to eliminate or greatly reduce all types of fouling and ease of cleaning your bore. Dyna-Tek Gun Shield to protect all gun parts, interior and exterior, protecting them from the elements. Protect your investment with this dynamic duo. Shoot more. Clean Less! With Dyna-Tek.


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