TRISILON coatings are naturally clear, and due to their nano-thin coating film-build (3 – 5 microns) they are largely undetectable to the eye. As a result, we offer several options for our clients:

  • Clear… this finish leaves your substrates looking just as they are.
  • The only color available at this time is black.
  • Special detection tracers. An excellent option for Quality Assurance (QA) so you can verify coating coverage as well as detecting areas where the coating has worn off, or down through wear and tear of use. Our “tracers” are:
    • Non-toxic Fluorescent Dyes – Applications here would be on medical equipment/products, some tooling molds, and other applications where there can be no toxicity impact, or loss in performance such as high temperature applications, corrosion-resistance.
    • UV reflectants – UV reflectants require less expensive, and more conventional (black lights) lighting to illuminate the tracers than fluorescent dyes, but UV reflectant additives have temperature limitations however.