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Paradigm Shift

What is TRISILON coating technology?

The TRISILON Series of coatings are Polysilazane-based chemistries with the ability to be formulated to offer either Hydrophobic or Hydrophillic properties. TRISILON is game changing technology.

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Dyna-Tek coatings suitable for:

  • Food Grade Applications
  • Medical Applications

Non-Toxic Guarantee

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TRISILON Performance Properties

Markets We Are In

Where We’re Going

  • New CUTLERY coating technology.
  • New E-commerce addition to our site.
  • Case Studies on:
    • One client’s use of TRISILON over hard coat anodizing to provide non-stick performance and enhanced corrosion protection by 3- 4 times.
    • Another client’s table saw blade, which is used to cut glass-filled PEEK but constantly had to replace or clean their blades… now with TRISILON they haven’t replaced it in months.
  • Looking for marketing partners, and technology collaboration partnerships in academia, targeted industries, and markets.  Today we count Kansas State University (KSU), University of Texas as academic R&D partners for example. We will soon be announcing a new technology sharing partnerships with another company which will lead Dyna-Tek into the high-temperature composite resin markets.
  • New Products:
    • Thermal Management coatings (a little on this in the Thermal Management section herein).
    • WET-GRIP coatings. This coating technology leaves gives TRISILON non-stick coatings the ability to become “Grippy”; but only when you hand is WET! We really want to get samples of this out for field testing in areas ranging from firearms to Surfboards.

Be sure to check back often. Many new announcements coming!