COVID-19In the future, history books will reflect on what impact the Coronavirus had on all sectors of commerce, but in the meantime, Dyna-Tek has been taking the COVID-19 coronavirus threat seriously from the outset of the stories coming out of China.

We have taken a broad range of steps to ensure that the Coronavirus doesn’t impact our abilities to answer the needs of our clients.

In doing so, we have checked the boxes on all the items below:

  • Updated discussions with our supply-chain to validate:
    • Raw materials stress test of their supply chain to ensure no foreign suppliers will have any impact to their ability to maintain production of the materials we purchase from them.
    • Any foreseeable delays they may envision that could extend their usual turnaround time on orders.
    • And we have also had general dialogs to share intel and their visions of how they see the coronavirus impacting their businesses in general.
  • Successfully audited our ERP system to second-guess any assumptions such as re-order points that could produce flawed data.
  • Raw materials and Finished Goods inventories. We moved away from the practice of our supply-chain partners keeping stock for us on their floors. Given the potential for transportation disruptions, until further notice will be subscribing to the “bird in hand” philosophy; which calls for us to keep in-house; enough materials to maintain our current sales volumes for the next 3-months.
  • Continued vigilance within our QMS (Quality Management Systems) to ensure incoming materials, bulk production batches and finished products continue to pass the testing protocols in place.
  • Customer communications making sure they know what we are doing and keep abreast of any changes on their end.
  • Communications with and taking steps to protect our employees. None of the steps we have taken above will matter if our Team isn’t up for the tasks.
  • Keep it real. This whole period is resulting in a lot of stress in all areas of everyone’s lives, so we are working to keep everything in perspective.

We welcome any feedback and other suggestions! In the meantime, everyone maintain your social space and… when’s the last time you washed your hands?