Dyna-Tek is pleased to announce our first Affiliate Partner within the Archery Industry.

Dyna-Tek is pleased to announce our first Affiliate Partner within the Archery Industry.

Affiliate PartnerWe’re excited to announce our first Affiliate Partner within the archery industry… the husband-and-wife duo of Jared and Melinda Hawley, owners of ARCHERY EXCELLENCE.

Archery Excellence is a forty lane Archery Range and Learning Center with a Pro Shop located in Independence, MO just outside of Kansas City, MO. It’s suggested by those who have visited to be the nicest and largest indoor range in the Midwest. People can come indoors to practice or learn archery excellence.

Jared and Melinda are both:

  • Level 4 NTS USA Archery Coaches, of which they are the only 2 in the state of Missouri.
  • National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) Basic Archery Instructor Trainers (BAIT) and Specialists; both certified in 2006.
  • Missouri Bow Hunting Education Instructors; both certified in 2006.
  • Have provided training and instruction to over 20,000 Archers of all ages since January of 2003.

Jared and Melinda both shoot competitive target compound and Olympic recurve bows. They’re also experienced bow hunters of a variety of species across North America. Jared uses traditional archery equipment to hunt.

DYNA-TEK’s relationship began in 2017, when we approached Jared and Melinda about overseeing the testing of our products on arrows. Admittedly skeptical but also intrigued, Jared and Melinda designed and oversaw testing parameters that would accurately measure our claims of increased arrow penetration performance on arrow shafts by using Dyna-Tek’s SLICK SHIELD™ and DYNA-SLICK™ coatings.

DYNA-TEK is pleased to announce ARCHERY EXCELLENCE will be our first Archery Dealer in the U.S. For more information find us at www.Dyna-Tek.com

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