Dyna-Tek and DH SutherlandDyna-Tek, LLC. is pleased to announce a global sales and marketing partnership with DH Sutherland (https://dhsutherland.com/) of Beaverton, OR. DH Sutherland will take over the global sales and marketing of Dyna-Tek’s advanced composite mold sealers and release coatings formulated for the Aerospace market, including its BOEING certified BAC5578 products.

Jim Stuelke, CEO of Dyna-Tek
“Dyna-Tek is pleased to hit the ground running in 2022 by announcing our exclusive partnership with DH Sutherland in the aerospace industry. DH Sutherland’s rich history in the aerospace industry and its strategic focus in the fast-growing advanced composite market will enable Dyna-Tek to be more opportunistic in its expansion in the aerospace market.”

Andrew Crouse, President of DH Sutherland
“The DH Sutherland team is excited to bring Dyna-Tek into its family of supplier partners. The Dyna-Tek mold sealer/release polymer technologies allows our customers significant productivity gains because Dyna-Tek coated tools provide a compelling advantage in the number of production cycles without the downtime of recoating the tooling. Reduced tooling downtime not only translates into immediate productivity gains, but the wear and tear on the tool during the recoating process extends the tools life cycle and return on investment.

About Dyna-Tek, LLC

Dyna-Tek has developed a portfolio of patented polymer coatings with varying levels of non-stick hydrophobic properties, durability, flexibility, and the ability to operate at high temperatures with no loss in performance. Unique in the world of coatings are several Dyna-Tek hydrophobic coating products which can be reapplied over themselves and ambiently cure. This affords the ability to “revitalize” the release properties of the molds and tooling without removing the original coating first. Use of Dyna-Tek’s portfolio has consistently proven the ability to deliver more production cycles per application than other competing products.

About DH Sutherland

DH Sutherland partners with advanced composite manufacturers by qualifying and supplying chemical & equipment technologies for rapidly made products that are lighter, stronger, and quieter. From material qualification to production scaling and process support, our technical expertise is solely focused on our customer’s success.