Diary of a new Product Launch : Part 1 – Arrow Performance

Diary of a new Product Launch : Part 1 – Arrow Performance

Question: Will a non-stick coating improve arrow performance?

After years of producing coatings for the firearms industry, Dyna-Tek set its sights on creating a coating for the archery market that would appeal to both Hunters and Target Shooters.

Dyna-Tek: Coated Broadheads Wound ChannelThe expectations for these products would be:

  • For Hunters: Increased penetration for best pass-through performance.
  • For Target Shooters:
    • Less effort to pull arrows from 3-D targets
    • Abrasion resistance that protects the arrow shaft repeated shots into the targets.
  • For BOTH classes of archers:
    • DIY (Do It Yourself) Application. Product can either be wiped on, or dipped.
    • Air-dry cure (no oven required).
    • Ability to re-apply the coating as needed to “refresh” the slickness (as needed).

Who are we comparing our coatings to? *

  • DuPont’s Teflon® coating. Teflon® and other fluoropolymer coatings are excellent competitive options.
  • Within the archery industry, and specific to carbon-fiber arrow shafts, ICE® coating sold by Victory Archery® is arguably the best in class for both durability and slickness.

Dyna-Tek’s management team has over 25 years of experience using and applying virtually every non-stick fluoropolymer coating available (such as Teflon). Next week, we will be talking about the testing parameters and how we will test for penetration and abrasion-resistance.

* DUPONT and TEFLON are trademarks or registered trademarks of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates. VICTORY ARCHERY and ICE are registered trademarks of Aldila Golf Corp. or its affiliates. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

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