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Dyna-Tek is Moving its Production Processes to Live in an Argon Atmosphere

Dyna-Tek’s coatings are designed and engineered to polymerize (cure) when exposed to oxygen and moisture, which essentially means they can be air-cured (as well as thermally). Although we have always minimized the introduction of air in our manufacturing process, it has been our expectation to eliminate this variable. As a result, we have been re-engineering [...]

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Dyna-Tek adds Fourier Transformation Infrared (FTIR) to our Quality Management System

Dyna-Tek’s Mold (tooling) Sealer and Release Coatings are counted on to consistently release a broad range of carbon-fiber composite parts; some of which are up to 150 feet in length. These parts can take days of work before they are ready to be pulled from the Tooling used to form and fabricated them. As a [...]

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Dyna-Tek’s DYNA-SLICKSHIELD™ coating technology chosen for Gold Tip’s New AIRSTRIKE™ arrow

https://youtu.be/W82lkJFXeAY Dyna-Tek is pleased to announce it has entered into an exclusive agreement with Gold Tip® to supply our new DYNA-SLICKSHIELD™ polymer coating technology for Gold Tip’s brand-new, top-end hunting arrow; the AIRSTRIKE™. Gold Tip unveiled the AIRSTRIKE™ arrow this past week at the 2019 ATA (Archery Trade Association) show in Louisville, Kentucky on January [...]

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Happy New Year from Dyna-Tek!

Can you believe that it's 2019? It seems like 2018 was more of a "season" than an actual 12-month period. We've been working hard to get ready for this year! In tandem with Extreme Coating Solutions, we've been implementing a NetSuite ERP Business Management System. This will ultimately give us even more control of our [...]

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CASE STUDY: Composite Aircraft mold would not hold a vacuum.

Original Leaking Mold Surface CHALLENGE: 50’ x 4’ Aircraft Spar Tool would not hold vacuum, and a small quantity of production parts from the Tool was still required. Attempts to repair and extend the life of the mold thru various options had failed. If unable to repair the mold, the replacement cost would [...]

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Dyna-Tek Finalizes Sale of Specific Intellectual Property to Techneglas

Dyna-Tek is pleased to announce that it finalized the sale of specific intellectual property to Techneglas, LLC of Perrysburg, Ohio. Techneglas, a wholly-owned American subsidiary of Nippon Electric Glass, and Dyna-Tek have collaborated with each other for several years to develop an ultra-high temperature resin for use in composite materials. Dyna-Tek and Techneglas will continue [...]

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ECS Uses Dyna-Tek’s 2-Coat Mold Release System for ZL Plastics

Extreme Coating Solutions used our 2-Coat Mold Release System to solve a problem for ZL Plastics. They needed to find an alternative to PTFE-based coating for High-Density plastics Tooling Dies. Please read the case study on the ECS website located here.

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Dyna-Tek’s DT-6060 awarded patent by U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Being awarded the patent for the 6060 coating puts an exclamation point on the potential for this product going forward. Since developing and filing for the patent 4 years ago, we've found this product to have a versatile range of applications besides its designed use as a mold release coating. In short some of the [...]

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New Mold Release Game Changer for the Tire Manufacturing Industry

Dyna-Tek is pleased to introduce a new, game-changing non-stick, mold-release coatings technologies. This comprehensive product line of new, patented technologies has been market tested over the past 3-4 years with success in a range of applications. A great example of this technology in use is enhancing the release properties of tire molds. For a deep [...]

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