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Racers Edge®

  • Premium Quality Cleaner & Finish Protection
  • Engineered Nano Technology
  • Easy to Apply, EVEN IN DIRECT SUN!
  • Lasting Finish
  • Automotive, Marine, Aircraft, ATV, Trucks
  • Use on Glass, Metal, Paint and Clear Coats

Racers Edge® was developed with the purpose of providing a high-quality cleaning and care line that would be easy to use and produce superior results inside and out. From show enthusiast to those who just like a clean, sharp-looking ride, Racers Edge® is for you! Our unique formulation of high quality ingredients paired with the latest in nano-technology enable Racers Edge® to deep clean and then seal any surface with high quality, finish-enhancing ingredients, not harmful fillers and chemicals like other cleaning and care lines. Racers Edge® not only cleans and protects, but will help preserve the interior and exterior finish for years, even in the most severe climates; helping maintain the value of your investment.

We thank you for your interest in Racers Edge® and are confident once you use these products you will never turn back.

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DYNA-TEK Racers Edge #1 Premium Concentrated Wash-n-Shine, formulated with natural and low pH additives, with a special blend of polymers, lifts the dirt and grime away from your finish.
#1 Premium Concentrated Wash-n-Shine
Our Price: $8.95

Racers Edge® Concentrated Wash utilizes a unique blend of gentle cleaning agents combined with highly protective polymers. When activated by water, these cleaning agents create a rich foamy lather that easily lifts away dirt and grime while sealing finishes against harmful environmental elements. Find out more here.
Dyna-Tek Racers Edge Metal and Chrome Polish
Metal and Chrome Polish 8oz
Our Price: $9.95

Racers Edge® Metal and Chrome Polish cleans and shines most metals with oxidation, corrosion or stains. Use Racers Edge® Metal Polish on chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, magnesium, copper, brass, bronze and steel. Find out more here.
Dyna-Tek Racers Edge Premium Leather and Vinyl Treatment
Premium Leather and Vinyl Treatment
Our Price: $19.95

Racers Edge® Leather and Vinyl Treatment is a revolutionary blend of lubricating gels, protective polymers and UV sunscreen has been specifically formulated for vinyl, rubber and leather surfaces. The Vinyl Treatment replaces the natural oils and lubricants that have evaporated due to weather and the exposure to the sun's damaging rays. Find out more here.
DYNA-TEK Racers Edge #2 Premium Polymer Finish Restorer
#2 Premium Polymer Finish Restorer
Our Price: $19.95

Racers Edge® Finish Restorer removes heavy oxidation, soap scum, previous auto wax products and other contaminates. Nanotechnology provides the abrasive materials used in conjunction with the penetrating polymers to restore your finish to its original appearance. Racers Edge® Finish Restorer is formulated to work on a wide variety of surfaces other than paint: Glass, metals, fiberglass, ceramics and counter tops. Find out more here.
Dyna Tek Racer Edge #3 Premium Polish and Sealant
#3 Premium Polish and Sealant
Our Price: $19.95

Racers Edge® Premium Polish is the finest polymer finish you can buy. Only the highest quality ingredients have been used in the formulation. This premium polish is specifically made to work on enamels, lacquers, chrome, glass, polished metals. Racers Edge® Premium Polish provides the best possible protection for today’s highest quality automotive and industrial paints. Find out more here.