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DYNA-TEK Bore Coat

DYNA-TEK Bore Coat was developed to eliminate or greatly reduce all types of fouling that occurs in firearm bores. The following information describes how DYNA-TEK Bore Coat affects different firearms.


DYNA-TEK Bore Coat will stop or greatly reduce jacket foul. It will greatly reduce powder fouling, allowing the shooter to shoot longer strings without cleaning. It will also allow the shooter to shoot different types and brands of bullets during load development without cleaning. Cleaning is done with patches, nylon bore brush, and solvent only. An average of 10 strokes with a nylon brush and solvent followed by 3 dry patches will clean the majority of treated barrels, even after strings of over 800 rounds!


DYNA-TEK Bore Coat does for handgun bores what it does for rifles. It also makes lead fouling much easier and faster to clean. It also allows the shooter to run lead and jacketed bullets interchangeably.


DYNA-TEK Bore Coat eliminates or drastically reduces plastic wad fouling in the bore. Clean-up can be done in most cases with nothing more than a dry bore mop.


DYNA-TEK Bore coat applied to closed breach black powder muzzle loaders using pellets and 209 primers, will eliminate the carbon ring build-up allowing the shooter to fire for prolonged periods without stopping to clean. Some testing has gone as long as 4,000 rounds without cleaning. It eliminates the plastic fouling in the bore caused by sabots. It also reduces leading and makes it easier to clean. Between rounds apply a small amount of Windex or alcohol to a patch and run it through the bore, followed by 2 dry patches and you are ready to load and fire.
TACTICAL WEAPONS: DYNA-TEK Bore coat will help maintain a clean barrel during continuous shooting. It will also dissipate heat more quickly from the bore allowing for longer shooting periods.

What DYNA-TEK Bore Coat Will Do

• It will greatly reduce or in most cases eliminate jacket fouling.
• It will allow you to shoot extremely long strings without cleaning.
• You will never need a bronze bore brush in the bore again; all cleaning is done with a nylon brush, or patches and solvent. It takes an average of 4-8 patches and you’re done.
• It will help protect against corrosion, both galvanic and chemical.
• It will keep the barrel shooting up to its potential for longer periods of time.

What DYNA-TEK Bore Coat Will Not Do

• It will have no effect on velocity, point of impact, or group size.
• If the barrel is a dog to start with, it will still be a dog after applying DYNA-TEK Bore Coat. But it will be the easiest cleaning dog you’ve ever owned

More About DYNA-TEK Bore Coat Application

• Average thickness in all bores once applied and cured is .25 microns.
• DYNA-TEK Bore Coat is applied to a clean (to bare steel; see below) bore with a loose fitting patch and slotted patch holder or a new clean bore mop. After setting at least six hours, the user puts 8 to 10 rounds down the bore to cure the coating. The coating is cured by the heat and pressure of firing. The longer you shoot with DYNA-TEK Bore Coat, the better it performs.

Testing Results

Initial testing for DYNA-TEK Bore Coat was done in 30 caliber FN Machine Guns and 50 BMGs. Testing was started in these weapons 3 years ago. All coated bores the bores are still performing as new. One application of DYNA-TEK Bore Coat every 2 years is good for the useful life of the bore. If you are a very light shooter, one application should last for the useful life of the bore.

Cleaning a Barrel to Bare Steel

(Safety glasses and disposable gloves recommended)

The proper installation of DYNA-TEK Bore Coat involves first cleaning the bore down to bare, dry steel. Otherwise the coating won’t be sticking to the steel, but to the powder, lead or copper fouling.

1.  Ensure firearm is unloaded and free of any ammunition

2.  Clean out all loose powder fouling using a cleaning solvent and clean patch. Soak patch with solvent and push through bore and pull back 6 to 8 times. Change patch and repeat this 6 to 8 times or until patch comes out clear of any powder fouling.

3.  Using a clean or new (this is critical) correctly sized brass bore brush, wrap it with a clean, thick cotton patch and liberally soak with JB Bore Cleaner. This has a fine abrasive that will remove fouling but not affect the base metal.

4.  Run this brush/patch combination back and forth inside the barrel 30 times reapplying fresh JB to the patch every 10 strokes. The brush/patch must fit the barrel tight and should take considerable force to move it and to insure the cleaning compound is working. If it is at all loose, wrap another patch around the brush and reload it with fresh JB and continue.

5.  Clean the bore again with a cleaning solvent and several patches to remove the abrasive bore cleaner.

6.  Use a chemical copper solvent to remove any remaining trace amounts of copper fouling, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Normally this requires 3 cycles to complete.

7.  Degrease the bore with 3-6 patches and either denatured alcohol or acetone and allow to dry.

8.  The bore is now completely clean to bare metal and ready for the application of DYNA-TEK Bore Coat.

We would like to thank John Barsness for the excellent bore cleaning instructions detailed above.

Application Instructions:

(Safety glasses and disposable gloves recommended)

1.  Ensure the firearm is unloaded and free of any ammunition.

2.  Ensure bore is clean and dry as outlined above

3.  Shake the DYNA-TEK Bore Coat bottle for 15 seconds

4.  Dip the bore mop into the DYNA-TEK Bore Coat bottle dampening the entire mop. Roll it against the edge lightly as you remove it from the bottle so it is not dripping. The entire mop may not be damp with material which is acceptable. The goal is to completely wet the inside of the bore with a thin coat. Over-application is NOT desirable. Be careful to work on a disposable surface cover, or work surface that is clean. DYNA-TEK Bore Coat can stain a working surface so take care in handling the material. Clean up any spills immediately with a dry rag.

5.  Hold or clamp the firearm barrel down and carefully insert the bore mop in the bore. Run the whole bore mop down the bore, working toward the muzzle and return to the chamber end. This is considered one stroke. Repeat this for 10 total strokes. This action is working the material into the bore base metal.

6.  Wipe excess from the muzzle and chamber ends with a gun patch or disposable rag. Stand the gun upright, muzzle down on a disposable, absorbent rag to soak up any excess material.

7.  Wipe off your cleaning rod and dispose of used patches

8.  Let the bore coating set and dry in the bore for approximately 10 minutes

9.  Repeat steps 4 through 8 two (2) more times for a total of 3 very thin coats

10.              After the third coat, allow firearm to cure for 8 hours before shooting

11.              Fire 8 to 10 rounds to cure the DYNA-TEK Bore Coat. The heat and pressure from firing sets and centers the coating.


Heavy shooters may reapply one coat to a clean bore once per year. Simply clean with solvent, followed by DYNA-TEK Alcohol Cleaner, acetone or degreaser then use dry patches to remove any fouling or dirt. Apply one coat as listed in steps 4 through 7 above. Allow this single coat to cure at room temperature for 8 hours before shooting. Shooting 8-10 rounds will again cure the DYNA-TEK Bore coat.

Light shooters will find that one application of DYNA-TEK Bore Coat will last for the useful life of the bore and will not have to be reapplied.


After shooting your newly coated firearm, clean the bore with solvent and patches only. You will notice you will not have to clean as often. If you feel you must use a brush, we recommend a nylon brush. The first time you clean you may see some minor copper, but this will become less as you shoot and clean over time. The first bore cleaning should not take more than 10 patches. By the 3rd or 4th cleaning you will use between 4 and 6 patches. No additional lubrication is required inside the coated bore.


The worst result we have had with jacket fouling after application of DYNA-TEK Bore Coat is a reduction of 80% in big bores shooting monolithic solids. So your results should be a reduction of jacket fouling between 80% and 100%. On in-line muzzle loaders using synthetic propellants and 209 primers, you will notice that where the crud ring used to form, it won’t! Some testing has gone over 4,000 rounds just loading and shooting. Loading the first 3 or 4 rounds will be difficult as you are loading against the bore coat and curing it; the more you shoot the easier it gets. DYNA-TEK Bore Coat reduces plastic wad fouling in shotgun bores and makes clean-up easier. It also makes leading quicker and easier to clean in handgun and rifle bores.

One application should last the useful life of the bore for a light, casual shooter.